About us

Welcome to Travel and Play- our family travel blog to keep our loved ones up-to date on our adventures and to help inspire other young families to escape the constraints of 9-5 living!

Let us introduce ourselves. We are James, Yasmin, Theo and Lola- Rose. We decided to quit the London rat race for an adventure on the road in our beloved motorhome – Zebedee! We quit our jobs, rented out our properties and packed our lives into a 6 by 3 metre van to share our love of adventure with our children.

Meet the Travel and Play crew!

Travel Mama Yasmin


Travel is definitely in my blood. Having had very free-spirited parents who shared their love of the outdoors and coastal living with my brother and I, I take every opportunity to explore the unknown.  Now having a family of my own, I’m excited to shape their futures by opening their eyes to the colourful diverse world in which we live and are so fortunate to be able to explore.  I’m not planning on growing my armpit hair, turning vegan (no offence intended) or dying my hair pink (just yet!) because we are travelling – I do like the finer things in life, but I’m a firm believer that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer!

Daddy Daycare James

As someone who has been fully engrossed in the daily rat race of the City of London for the last 10 years plus, the opportunity to go on an adventure like this is something I have always dreamed of!  I’m also not planning to grow a set of dreadlocks nor a 4ft long beard but at the same time I want to experience the huge variety of cultures and traditions that Europe offers on our doorstep. As someone who loves his creature comforts, some may say it may be a challenge to live in a 6m x 3m van (especially with 2 little tots) but the prospect of waking up each day to a new experience is something I can’t wait to embrace!

Travel Tot Theo

Theo is 2 and a social butterfly in the making. He especially loves the beach and splashing in the biggest puddles. He’s Thomas the Tank engines (“MOMUS!”) biggest fan and always the first one on the dance floor at any party!  His blonde locks and piercing blue eyes get him a lot of female attention (mainly of the over 50’s) so he’s James favourite wing man! :-p

Little Roamer Lola-Rose

Lola is 9 months going on 19 (God help us!) She is definitely a DIVA in the makings. She’s not the best sleeper so it’s not unusual to see other motorhomes take a wide berth when parking up for the night to avoid her 3am screams! She loves nothing better than following her older brother in what ever he does (to his annoyance) and leaving a trail of destruction.