What are you waiting for?

An epic road trip has always been on our bucket list but we didn’t think we’d be doing it with 2 young children in tow too!

It’s taken a lot of planning to get “our show on the road!”. We’ve had to rent out our properties, sell our beloved car, quit our jobs, purchase a motorhome, break it to the grandparents but more importantly decide what shoes to take!(storage is very limited😫!) All while parenting 2 young children- it’s not been easy, but by golly it has been worth it!

Our incentive has been our children and this trip has allowed us to spend every hour with them, watching them grow and develop, experience new cultures, meet new people and be free! Don’t get me wrong we love our life in London and our careers are very important to us but family is too so we couldn’t give up on our dream- neither should you!