Sierra Nevada

I love Sierra Nevada for many reasons…..

Size! Size clearly does matter when it comes to ski destinations. For me, Sierra Nevada has a great range of slopes (103 pistes) for all abilities without the fear of getting lost, as well as activities for those not skiing.

Location! 30 minutes from the cosmopolitan and historic city of Granada and 90 minutes to the sun soaked coast- ✅ Sierra Nervada is the most southerly Ski resort in Europe- a perfect location for enjoying the sun while skiing!

Competitiveness! Most ski resorts hike up the prices but we felt equipment hire, eating out, lift passes and drinks didn’t eat too much into our budget – although I guess we were only there for 48 hours….

Family Friendliness! We’ve found most of Spain so far not to cater extensively for kids – however Sierra Nevada really welcomed our family. All the restaurants we tried had baby changes, high chairs and the crèche was fab! I would have felt at total ease leaving my 2 monkeys there for a few hours as the staff were so friendly! With regards to restaurants, Little Morgan’s service and food was outstanding.

As for any trip to the slopes, you hope you get a big dump of snow the night before ready for to hit the piste the next day. Not so much when your driving and sleeping there in your motorhome!!😳

We had done some research on and planned what site we wanted to park up at but on arrival the snow hadn’t been cleared so we had no choice but to park for the day in the main square and hope we weren’t moved on by the police, which fortunately we weren’t!

We spent the first day exploring, building snow men and sussing out ski hire and checking out the crèche so we could hit the slopes the following day as the conditions looked perfect.

The evening was spent in Little Morgan’s, eating our body weight in raclette and filling our boots with red wine knowing we had a short distance to stumble to our bed.

However, as we turned the heating up in Zeb and cozied up for the night, the boiler decided to give up at 2am!! Arrrghhhh!

Thankfully the warmth managed to stay around until sunrise.

Sadly our trip was cut short as we needed to head to warmer climates while we waited for an appointment to get the boiler fixed 😩

Before heading to the coast we took the gondola up the piste with the kids (17euros each-kids free) to take in the views and see what ski conditions we were missing – until next time!

The cold weather and excitement tired the kids out so they slept for the 90 minute journey to our next stop. Thankfully the coast of Nerja was a warm 15 degrees – no central heating needed!

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