Dénia, Calpe and Altea


Denia is a port city that has a vibrant cosmopolitan feel with its swanky marina bars but also the romance of its cobbled white washed streets you could easily get lost rambling through! The daily fish market is not to be missed as is the walk up to the stunning castle.

Must do…..

During our walkabout, we stumbled across a little gem of a restaurant called ‘Mr. Fisher‘ located around the marina. Who would have thought that a fried egg, octopus and chips would taste so good! All for a reasonable 8€ too!


We found a stunning spot high up in the mountains overlooking the town of Calpe. Here we met Christian and Florence who had been travelling for 9 months with their two little boys, Luca and Matthias. Both were of similar age to our little ones so it was nice to relate to the trials and tribulations of traveling with kids. The boys were able to play swopsies with afew toys to keep there collections fresh!

During the day, we strolled along the well kept Calpe beach. It was one of the better ones we have come across so far with fine sand (perfect for Theo’s sandcastles) and clear turquoise water.


A beautiful little seaside village with quaint walks down little side streets littered with numerous restaurants and shops. We lunched in Al Forno Napolento which had some great tapas and pizzas on offer.

One thing we have noticed in Spain is the lack of baby changing facilities compared to the UK. It’s led us to improvising a number of times when the worst came to the worst! This time we were caught short and had to scramble down some side alley to find a suitable changing place. Ahh parenthood!

From Aleta we set up camp on a beautiful secluded pebble beach a few miles south. The weather was on our side so we took the opportunity to soak up some rays for a few days and take the kids paddling and skim stones till the sunset. We even took the chance to give an improvised bath for the little ones!

All in all, these three little areas in southern Spain were a delight to visit and we would highly recommend to add to anyone’s itinerary.

2 thoughts on “Dénia, Calpe and Altea

  1. Hi did you wild camp in these areas if so have you coordinates of them we are I. That area atm love reading you travels ..


    1. Hi Pauline! Thanks for following, we did indeed wild camp in these places- let me add them to the blog as we have had several requests as such. It’s a beautiful part of Spain I’m sure you’d agree!


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