Zaragoza in 24 hours!


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Our time here was limited, but time enough to feel it’s great vibe. This historical city had lots of offer our family, from free museums, great eateries, beautiful basilica’s and lots of street art to keep the kids entertained.

The journey from San Sebastián took around 2 hours with a stop for lunch in the mountains. We parked on the city outskirts in Agua Park which offered free overnight parking and had a play park and large supermarket for us to stock up on essentials. We were a little on edge for the night given that this was our first stop in an “unofficial” motorhome stopover plus the fact we went to bed being the only one parked up. Fortunately, a little after the lights went off a smaller camper parked up beside us which gave us some comfort (safety in numbers and all!).

In the morning we decided to visit the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar.

We were fortunate enough to visit mid-service which was great to see the place in action. However, it was a brief experience given that Theo’s “rascal” mode was in full swing and he was in the mood to make as much noise as possible (against the wishes of the curators to keep noise to a minimum). We therefore made a swift exit after glimpsing some of the beautiful paintings and sculptures that adorned the inside of the building.

Shortly after, we wanders to the market to view some local artwork before admiring some of the water sculptures that feature outside the Basilica.

After a few more games of catch the pigeon with Theo we decided it was time to make way our next stop – Valencia!

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