Portsmouth to Santander 28 Hour Ferry with 2 kids!

A 3.30am start from Kent for an 8am departure from Portsmouth gave us time a plenty to show Theo the ‘big boats’ before boarding our own and start pancake day in the right way- with Blueberry pancakes in the van!

I’ve done this crossing several times but I seemed to have blocked the memory the sheer terror the Bay of Biscay had caused- but once onboard it all came flooding back- by which time it was too late! 😩

Our cabin was small but perfectly formed and actually allowed us to catch up on some well needed sleep as there really wasn’t much else to do on this small ferry other than worry about when the next big wave would hit!

The kids were brimming with excitement- somewhere new to explore- so once they’d crawled/ ran up and down the corridors and played in the less than exciting ‘play area’ we retired to our cabin to watch episode 5 of Thomas the Tank Engine for the 13th time that day.

After our gruelling 28 hour ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Santander we stopped close to the Port in an Aires on the border to a Safari Park. Seeing Elephants roaming metres away from the motorhome was both superb and a little unnerving. Theo, our oldest (2) was in heaven while Lola (9 months) wasn’t impressed either way!

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