Donostia-San Sebastián

Our next and first real port of call was Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain’s Culinary Capital- just over 2 hours from Santander.

From these first 2 stops it became apparent just how well catered for we’d be for in our motorhome. Unlike the UK there is free designated parking in or super close to the CBD of most city’s/ places of interest.

We parked up and set out to explore!

With the city boasting a foodie frenzy, with the most Michelin star restaurant in any European city we knew we’d be in for a treat!

Other than the food the main attraction was the coastline. Simply stunning! The weather was bright and warm (warmer than grey London) so it made for perfect paddling conditions- some Spanish wrapped up in scarfs looked upon us as crazy English people- jumping at any opportunity to catch some sun! While others striped down to the bare essentials to sunbathe too!

We only spent 2 days here, which I felt was perfect to see the main site and soak up the atmosphere.

Here’s a few MUST DO’S…...

Soak up the sun on the Beach of La Concha and watch the surfers carve the waves✌🏻and take in the stunning views across the bay. Feel the sand between your toes!

Meander through the old town and sample some traditional pintxos and local craft beer. We tried several pintxos but could highly recommend a small bar called Lete, there were lots of locals and they were very welcoming of the kids. There was a great selection of hot and cold Pintxos on offer. Sadly we weren’t able to try any of the many Michelin starred restaurants out (kids!!) but we did find an AMAZING ice cream shop that we were all able to indulge in-Boulevard gelato!

Get the Iguedo funicular railway to get a birds eye view of San Sebastián. We went in February so out of season but there looked to be a theme park at the top with slides, a haunted house and merry go rounds which was all closed to Theo’s huge disappointment!

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